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leading auto groups.

Generate your own subprime leads.

Through Adwords Management and Landing Page Design, Inculeader connects dealerships across the country with tens of thousands of customers searching for auto financing every month.

Google Ads Management

Leverage the power of Google Ads and benefit from instant leads for a fraction of the cost.

Landing Page Creation

Custom and high-converting Credit Websites backed by our industry-leading 99% up-time.

Here is what we do.

We integrate with the systems you already have in place.

Discover our native integrations or request a custom integration for niche tools or in-house CRM.

Generate your own leads

like Driven Cars Canada.

Through Search and Display advertising, Driven Cars Canada targets customers with Bad and No Credit in Thunder Bay at an average cost-per-lead of under $50.

Most lead providers charge $150 or more.

Ready to generate your own subprime and finance leads with Inculeader?

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